Chef Rory's Story


CHef Rory's Story

Chef Rory Watts II grew up an army brat, spending half of his childhood in Europe and the other half in Augusta, Georgia. Throughout his travels, the young chef was exposed to many different cuisines which ultimately helped to expand his burgeoning love of cooking. He first learned to cook from his parents Rory and Kim, yet his resourcefulness came from spending time in the kitchen with his beloved grandmother Ioma.

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When Rory was 20 years old he moved to Frederick, MD, where he later met his future wife Jamie. The two started a family together and moved down south, a place he had always envisioned living. Rory had left the restaurant industry and was working in the finance industry when he realized that something was missing deep inside. He left his job and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach, being taught by some of the best innovative and passionate chefs in the industry.


Whilst in school, Rory's skill and love of the culinary arts saw him land a job as Garde Manager at the Waterscapes at the Marina Inn, a 4 diamond restaurant. His industry was rewarded with a promotion to Sous Chef whilst still attending culinary school and he soon graduated magna cum laude, at the top of his class.

Rory was ready for the next big challenge in life so he decided to relocate his family back to his wife Jamie's hometown of Frederick, MD. Rory was aware of the booming culinary scene in Frederick and now shares his unique talent and vision with the founding of Knife and a Kitchen